Zone Heater
The THERMO-ZONE heater provides accurate temperature control in every room. Equipped with the most advanced modulating controller and air sensor, the THERMO-ZONE heater will operate with extremely low air flow (see specifications). This unit uses the minimum amount of energy to meet the heating needs. It also measures the air flow and adjusts it's heating capacity accordingly.
The THERMO-ZONE heater can be added easily to any existing forced air heating system. This unit is your solution to total comfort. The temperature in each and every room will now be individually controlled, eliminating those cold or damp areas of your house (basement, playrooms, above the garage). Imagine having all family members content at the lowest possible cost.
Several THERMO-ZONE heaters combined with a central blower can be used as a top performance heating system. It allows an individual control for every zone, while keeping all the advantages of a forced air central heating system (filtering, humidifying and air conditioning).
The THERMO-ZONE heater is a quality product engineered for peak performance, low operating cost and long life.

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