NER Fanless Make Up Air

Make-up Air units up to 2,500 cfm with the NEW Model NER from Thermolec. The NER unit provides a compact footprint making make-up air units easier to stock, handle and install - a convenience contractors have come to expect from Thermolec.

The NER’s full array of features offers a great sales opportunity for contractors including a full range of kW options and the ability to raise outside air temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38ºC). The NER models are available with 10” to 14” diameter duct connections with a maximum pressure drop of 0.15” W.C. through the cabinet.

All NER units are prewired and include a modulating electric heater, discharge temperature sensor, back-draft damper, washable filter, high and low limits, current sensor and a built-in contact for interlocking with a remote fan.

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