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Can any thermostat be used with Thermolec heaters? +

Thermolec can provide thermostats with any given heater upon request. If a different thermostat is to be used, make sure that the output capabilities of the thermostat is compatible with what was ordered; - Active 0-10VDC signal for modulating heaters (Similar to Thermolec’s CTH-291) - Passive Thermistor output for modulating heaters (Similar to Thermolec’s DT-1040 and RT-1030) - Active 24VAC output for staged ON/OFF heaters (Similar to Thermolec’s CTH-010 or CTH-294) - Standard dry-contact thermostats for staged ON/OFF heaters

What is the pressure drop across open and tubular/sheathed elements? +

The pressure drop can be estimated by referring to the Pressure Drop Chart here. (Add Pressure Drop Chart link) These values are under the guideline that the depth of the element frame is 10” (254mm).

What is an electronic air flow sensor? +

The electronic air flow sensor was designed specifically for VAV and CAV applications where the air flow may be too low, even below the recommended air flow. This is to be used in collaboration with modulating controls.

Can any temperature or air flow sensor be used for Thermolec heaters? +

No, only an NTC Type 3 Thermistor with a 10kΩ reading can be used with Thermolec heaters.

What is a PDS? Can the PDS be bypassed? +

The PDS (Pressure Differential Switch) is a safety device used to enable/disable the heater’s operation when sufficient air flow is achieved. It closes when there is a minimum of 0.05” of static pressure. (Add link to PDS spec sheet) It is forbidden to bypass the PDS if it appears to be malfunctioning during operation. A chattering PDS means there are air flow issues in the application that require attention.

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